This Life Podcast – Nancy De Andrade, PhD

This Life

Mother-Daughter Podcast

Candid conversations between a mother and a daughter about spirituality and everyday challenges. This podcast is dedicated to bring insight and awaken people from autopilot by sharing the perspective of two generations of spiritual women. We laugh, we cry, we explore deep subjects, we might even sing! Our hope is to inspire connection, understanding, communication and love between all, to insight change and leave this earth a better place.

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An Alien's Perspective This Life

Seeing the world from the perspective of an alien. How our brain brings the past and how being Present helps us manage triggers. EMDR, 90secs to experience emotions and let go. Breathing and babies self soothing mechanism. Treating the body well. Addicted to distraction. See life from love. 
  1. An Alien's Perspective
  2. Sleeping at the airport, experiencing San Francisco, and lessons learned
  3. Reachable Language
  4. Disagreements and Parenting Tips
  5. New social trend, archetypes and self-empowerment.
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