P. B. H.

I am very happy to let you know that I am going on my 2nd visit to India to volunteer with a village project that empowers women with skills to sew, plumbing, building toilets, education and to help these villages become self-sufficient. With clean water and gardens and schooling! It’s Amma-zing!

I am a spiritual aspirant and see every moment as an opportunity, even my struggles. I am able to bear witness and see opportunity for growth. The tumbler that I go through sometimes is to polish my rough edges and I can see it now and have the skills to manage it.

You have taught me to trust myself and how to heal myself and have faith in the process! I will love you forever and will never forget the impact you had on my life!

I am walking my path and believe I am making a difference by my existence here in the now. Thanking you is not enough but becoming strong and living is a testament to your gifts!

Still lots of work to do but I am ok with that.