Essential Oils

It is not a mystery that plants have medicinal properties. From creating a soothing environment, protecting itself from predators to providing natural healing upon consumption, the use of plants are a common practice for life-long wellbeing. Young Living Essential Oils embrace two decades of research and expertise in harvesting, extracting, distilling and cold pressing pure oils from organic farms around the world to bring us the purest, therapeutic-grade essential oils .

I have used many brands of essential oils in my practice, and Young Living oils’ vibrational healing quality surpass them all. Young Living distributors are everywhere and is accessible online. You can become your own distributor if you want!

I cannot say enough about how good these oils are. Their potency, purity and quality enhances any work I do.

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Young Living Essential Oils

Listen why using essential oils is essential for mental wellbeing.


Sage is a beautiful evergreen shrub of greyish leaves, native of the Mediterranean, commonly used for cooking as well for healing.

In Aromatherapy Sage Essential oil, it’s used as for mental balance and clarity. Place a few drops in a diffuser or dilute in a carrier oil for topical use and experience the clarifying and uplifting aroma.

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For clearing the space from toxic energies, Native Americans bundle, dry and burn Sage in a practice they call Smudging. This sacred ceremony purifies a room or a person’s energy field, clearing it of low vibrations and negativity.         Get Your Sage Bundles Here!


To learn about how to smudge to clear your space, check out this short video. (Recorded in Spanish with English subtitles, click on CC at the bottom of the screen or the three dots on the right hand corner).