Holistic, Soul-Level Coaching for Spiritual and Personal Growth

What is a holistic coach?

A holistic coach is a supportive mentor that helps individuals make life choices that are in alignment with their mind, body and spirit. A soul-level, holistic coach helps you understand your limiting beliefs and how they operate to keep you safe but stuck, and helps balance all aspects of your being by connecting to your true soul desires.

In our one-on-one mentorship/coaching program you learn how to understand and break free of limiting beliefs, and move to the next level of success, body, mind and spirit. Together we map the road to your ideal outcome and create a way to exceptional results!

Each coaching program is soul-driven, tailored specifically to your needs and in tune with your highest desires. Drawing upon Divine guidance, extensive training, knowledge and experience, I design individual programs for the seeker, for those who are ready to step into the next level of awareness, for those who are ready to invest in their personal growth and evolution to be able to live as spiritual beings having amazing human experiences!

If you are ready to make an impact in this world, live your life with purpose, and enjoy it fully, make an appointment now.

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Are you planning the perfect ceremony and need a minister that understands you and matches your spiritual style? Look no more.

I bet you are stressed beyond reason, coordinating the never-ending details for the perfect wedding, and looking for the right person to officiate your wedding.

Finding an open minded, flexible and non-traditional officiant that you feel comfortable with, and will make the ceremony wonderfully pleasant is not an easy task. This is such an important and sacred time in your life that choosing someone who can deliver the vows in a meaningful way, someone who takes the time to know you and helps you design the right words that express your love and commitment, is imperative.

Before you select your officiant, here are three things I would recommend doing:

1.- Meet in person. You can use Skype, FaceTime, or other form of video conferencing to meet with your candidates, if meeting physically is not feasible. Meeting in person will give you a feeling about the officiant that can help you visualize his or her performance at your wedding. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and connected with the values of the officiant.

2.- Talk about fees. Ask what the fees cover, for example, does the fee include rehearsal time, county marriage license filing, marriage certificate, ceremony script reviews and edits, translation, assistance with developing your own vows, additional items such as sand or candles, or anything else that you would like to include in the ceremony.

3.- Check legality. Depending on your state, some officiants might need to register or apply for the day at the city hall. You could also get legally married at the city hall a couple of days before the wedding and chose someone to officiate the ceremony later. California does not require registration from ministers to perform weddings. Review your state laws.

Once you have chosen the right person, coordinate the details openly and clearly. This is your moment and it’s important that it flows as you envision it. Talk about who you are and what you dream of having, share your passion and who you are so the officiant can understand what you want to express in the ceremony.

Planning a wedding can make emotions run high, so take a deep breath, smile and enjoy the journey!

If you would like to speak to me about officiating your wedding, send me a message and we’ll coordinate a time to talk.

Nancy De Andrade, PhD

Non-denominational Minister Ordained in California.


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