La Perla de La Jolla

La Perla de La Jolla is a holistic organization that provides a venue for education and community involvement. The purpose of this organization is to unite people in celebration and education, help them discover who they are, honor their unique gifts, and find purpose in their struggles. By understanding themselves, becoming more aware, and opening their minds, people can overcome their limitations, see the world from a different perspective, and find inner peace and contentment.

La Perla is a place for people to experience self-love and compassion, release judgment and expectation, and be completely present with their being so they can discover their infinite wisdom, reconnect with their inner guidance, and raise to a higher consciousness.

La Perla, or the pearl, is symbolic of how the inner sufferings and struggles can be turned into something meaningful. We can build a hard shell to protect our soft inner being but sometimes difficult situations inevitably create pain. Through awareness, education, and compassion, we can learn how to cope and turn that pain into a gift, much like an oyster creates a pearl.

1010 Pearl Street. Suite 3

La Jolla, CA 92037

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