7 Steps to Regain Your Inner Peace – Nancy De Andrade, PhD

7 Steps to Regain Your Inner Peace

7 Steps to Regain Your Inner Peace

Are you feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed? Are you feeling confused, stuck, or can’t seem to find the right answer? It is time to calm the mind and reconnect with your soul.

When you connect with your soul’s wisdom, your inner guru, the answers you seek flow right in front of your eyes. Clarity emerges by listening to your deepest wisdom and cultivating inner peace, that place of silence where your mind rests and your heart leads.

By connecting with your inner wisdom you increase your ability to make heart-guided decisions, release tension and confusion, feel excited and passionate about life, learn to master your emotions, and live a life of ease, flow and clarity.

Follow these seven easy steps to feel calmer, get centered and see things from a different perspective. The results may help you improve your relationships through better clarity and get you inspired to reach your goals!

1.- Step away from the stressor

The stressor is the thing/person/situation that is in this moment triggering a feeling of stress and disconnect in you. It could be your boss, a project deadline, your spouse or, yes, even your kids. When we are deeply immersed in a problem, it is difficult to see the solution. By stepping out of the problem momentarily we can gain a different perspective and detach from the emotional charge the situation might cause you.  

You can step away physically or mentally, depending on the situation. Go outside or for a walk, play some music, or simply walk into another room. Separate yourself momentarily from your trigger so you can regain control of your emotions.

2.- Close your eyes and go to your happy place

Bring to your mind loving thoughts of people, animals or places that calm you. If you don’t have something that immediately comes to mind; take some time to find something that brings that sense of care into your body. Thinking soothing thoughts helps you shift the emotion from anxiety into appreciation and love.

It is not about avoiding the problem, but about re-centering to your deepest knowing that there is good in the world and you can be OK. Once you find what it is that calms your mind, sit with it, relish in it, and enjoy it, allowing it to help you reconnect.

3.- Slow the beat

It is very common to forget to breathe when we are under stress. Lack of oxygenation to our brain and organs is detrimental to our health and only perpetuates the feeling of anxiety and stress we are experiencing.

Focus on lowering your heart beat by taking slow, deep breaths. Learn the technique here. This breathing technique sends a message to the brain letting it know that you are safe and everything is well. 

4.- Visualize yourself at peace

Visualize today’s issues successfully resolved while you surround yourself with positive emotions. What is it that you would like to see transformed? What is the ideal outcome you would like to see? Visualize it in your mind as already completed. Experience the peace, joy, and gratitude of seeing the situation flow with ease. When we focus on what is wrong, we get stuck and do not allow solutions to flow through. 

5.- Follow your heart

Silence your mind for a moment and ask yourself for inner guidance as to what may be what you need to do about this situation. Wait for the message to come to you . The guidance could be in the form of a thought, feeling, or vision. 

Be aware of your conscious mind getting in the way, trying to tell you what you “should” do. If this happens, gently ask your mind to relax and feel into your heart for the message. It is OK if nothing comes through, perhaps that is exactly you need to do, nothing. Let it come and trust it. The message usually feels loving, light and aligned.

6.- Look into the mirror

If you find that it is a person or persons keeping you from achieving your peace, observe the feelings you have with regards to them.

The people who challenge us or tend to annoy us can be our best mirrors.  When we judge others and wish they were different, we are doing the same to ourselves. Instead, visualize the people involved as the spiritual beings they are, having their own human experience.

Learning to accept others and see them as perfectly-imperfect human beings, helps us accept our own mistakes and forgive ourselves. We all have fears and faults, and when you can see others and yourself with compassion, your relationships improve.

7.- Name 3 things you are truly grateful for, right now

To maintain your inner peace, focus on something or someone in this moment that you have a deep appreciation for.  The goal is to change your view of the world from overwhelm to appreciation. Soaking in the feeling of gratitude is the best way to connect to your inner guidance and release the feelings of anxiety and unease. 

Bonus ideas:

The following are some ideas to help you maintain that level of peace and calmness throughout the week:

  • Schedule a Sensory Deprivation Tank session.  One hour floating in water feels like you slept for hours. Sensory deprivation helps reset your mind and emotions. Schedule an hour session and notice how it feels.
  • Yoga – Connect with your body’s wisdom with gentle moves. Yoga helps you focus your mind on one thing at a time.
  • Meditation videos – or music. Follow either guided meditations of your liking or just music. Listen for at least 15mins/day.
  • Volunteer – Get out of your problems by giving to others. When we give to others in need, we become more appreciative of what we have and we fulfill a purpose. 
  • Sun – Vitamin D increases melatonin which helps with sleep and decreases depressive symptoms.
  • Exercise- Increases feel-good hormones. Don’t over exercise, moderation is key.
  • Journal- Write your thoughts. Get them out of your head and into paper to get better clarity.
  • Take a nap – works like meditation. Helps reset your system. A short nap, 15 mins/day works wonders. 
  • Supplements – Visit a holistic doctor to see if you need supplements to get back in balance.
  • Dance – Moving your body and being at ease sends signals to the brain that there is nothing to fear or fight.
  • Explore with a counselor why you feel stressed – Perhaps stress, anxiety and confusion are part of a deeper issue that needs attention.
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