Intro to Pendulum Testing

Introduction to Pendulum Testing

Would you like to learn to use a pendulum to receive guidance that is in alignment with Source? 

I created this introductory workshop that explains the mechanics and science behind pendulum testing and gives you the exact way to use your pendulum so you can obtain clear guidance on your decisions.

In this workshop you’ll learn the basics of:

  • The science of pendulum testing
  • How to make better decisions asking with a pendulum
  • Different ways to ask questions so you get exact answers
  • How to customize testing for your specific vibration
  • How to pick a pendulum
  • How to interpret the answers you receive
  • How to protect your energy from any influence other than Source

Pendulum testing is a form of connection with your higher self so you can get answers from Source. When you use your pendulum in a specific way, you obtain answers that are in alignment with your highest self and highest good. You can use the pendulum to ask simple questions such as, what color of clothing is in my highest interest to wear for this interview? or more complicated questions such as, is it in my highest interest to take this job? In this workshop you’ll learn how to ask questions and what types of answers you’ll receive, but most importantly, it will help you reconnect with your inner guidance and intuition.

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