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Nancy De Andrade, Ph.D.

Nancy De Andrade is a holistic transformational coach with a PhD in Clinical Psychology, and extensive training in integrative modalities of Energy Psychology. Dr. De Andrade is the founder of La Perla de La Jolla, a sacred space where integrative and transformative programing is created to bring community involvement, conscious transformation, and self-awareness education.

Walk The Talk

What does it mean to walk the talk? In this interview, Kate asks important questions about being in alignment and authentic in the way you show up in this world.

Why journal?

We can’t continue pretending that we can do it all, that we are always strong and in control, that we are not bothered by the back-breaking struggles we face in this life. We know there are solutions but can’t see them because they hide underneath unshed tears.

How to go with the flow

My favorite place to flow is in front of the vast ocean. It reminds me of the abundance we enjoy as humans and it connects me with profound wisdom I cannot find inside the walls of my home. The ocean teaches me to go with the flow. Even with its unpredictable waves and currents, it is a great teacher for acceptance and surrendering.  

Plant Medicine -Alternative Medicine Series

In this interview, Anne shares her knowledge and wisdom on the healing powers of plant medicine, its common uses, and the spirituality practices when working with herbs.

Guidance to find your purpose

This is a short video with a simple yet powerful technique to connect to your guidance and ask the right question to find your purpose. I hope you practice it!

How I completely destroyed my confidence and what I did to rebuild it

Have you ever felt like a fraud? Have you ever feared that one day everyone will find out who you truly are, that you don’t know as much, and are not as good as they think? I have spent countless amount of time and energy making sure that what I say or do is always …

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Tres sencillas razones por la cual los magnates meditan (Y por qué deberías tu también)

¿Sabías que personas tales como Phil Jackson, Russell Simmons, Ray Dalio y Rupert Murdock meditan diariamente? Oprah, Steve Jobs (QEPD), Deepak Chopra, Bill Ford, Arianna Huffington, Padméa Warrior y muchos otros también practican la meditación diaria. ¿Qué están sacando ellos de es practica? ¿Cómo les ayuda a tener éxito? En primer lugar, te puedes imaginar …

Tres sencillas razones por la cual los magnates meditan (Y por qué deberías tu también) Read More »

Los chakras y tu salud mental

Cuando la energía que fluye a través del cuerpo se interrumpe o se agota, el cuerpo experimenta cambios fisiológicos y psicológicos que pueden causar enfermedades y desequilibrio. Un entorno estresante, los problemas, las pérdidas, o los eventos traumáticos pueden crear bloqueos en el flujo de la energía, lo que puede transformarse en síntomas psicológicos como …

Los chakras y tu salud mental Read More »

Tap it away

Clearing my limiting beliefs is a task that never seems to stop. I have used various techniques to release and heal, but my favorite so far is Tapping. Even though there are different ways of tapping, I believe Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) provides the best outcome, freeing you from strong, debilitating or negative emotions easily …

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Creating a protective shield

Simple ways to create a protective shield for intense situations, emotions or negativity. Shields of protection meditation

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