Testimonials – Nancy De Andrade, PhD


“I am very happy to let you know that I am going on my 2nd visit to India to volunteer with a village project that empowers women with skills to sew, plumbing, building toilets, education and to help these villages become self-sufficient. With clean water and gardens and schooling! It’s Amma-zing!

I am a spiritual aspirant and see every moment as an opportunity, even my struggles. I am able to bear witness and see opportunity for growth. The tumbler that I go through sometimes is to polish my rough edges and I can see it now and have the skills to manage it.

You have taught me to trust myself and how to heal myself and have faith in the process! I will love you forever and will never forget the impact you had on my life!

I am walking my path and believe I am making a difference by my existence here in the now. Thanking you is not enough but becoming strong and living is a testament to your gifts!

Still lots of work to do but I am ok with that.”

                                                                                           P. B. H. 


“I wrote a Manifesto describing the TRUTH of my life.

I realized today, after taking some risky steps that I am excited about gaining mastery over my finances.

For the first time I feel clear about moving forward. Some of the fog has lifted. I can do whatever feels right for me. What a relief!

Thanks so VERY MUCH for your help unraveling the tangles strings in my mind!”

                                                                                         N. L. 

“No sabes lo fea y distorsionada que se veia la vida a traves de mis ojos antes de conocerte. Nunca antes vi tantas cosas buenas a mi alrededor, nunca antes tuve tanta esperanza, nunca antes supe cómo ni qué agradecerle a Dios (hoy gracias a tí sé cuanto y es muchísimo), nunca antes sentí la paz que siento hoy, que por cierto, es muy desconocida, excitante y adictiva…
Tú me has abierto los ojos a tantas cosas, me has enseñado tanto… no sé como podría pagarte por todo lo que me das, no hay dinero suficiente en este mundo… Ya no vivo como zombi, ya no sobrevivo… hoy disfruto mi vida cada minuto del día gracias a tí, a tu guía, a tu sabiduría, a tu compasión. Es un honor tenerte en mi vida.”


“I was lost, I knew something was wrong inside me.

So I began looking for answers.

Deeply confused on where I was and where I was supposed to go.

I reached out for a helping hand.

And opened up about my story including hurt and vulnerabilities.

I found people

people who judged, people who took advantage, people who used my situation to feel better about themselves, people who abused me, believed I was my pain and continued with the lies that I was worthless and continuing to destroy the shreds of any confidence I possessed.

When one is weak, people can sense it. Some took advantage of others…

Looking back some people treated me well, invited me in, provided a space to listen and saw the real me, they nurtured and saw my wholeness and grew the shreds of confidence I possessed, provided me with wisdom and guidance to resources such as books, documentaries, prayers and sent me on my way stronger than the days before.

They provided guidance on where to go and offered the living water of the spirit to get me to my next stage of understanding.

The loving people who taught me that I am more than my circumstances echoes in my soul. I am now finding the tools that I needed. I have discovered wisdom, strength, and the ability to forgive. I am letting go of false perceptions I had about myself and utilizing the truth of who I am as an anchor. I have learned to let go of all the things that do not love me back and to not judge others by appearances or circumstances because human spirit is greater worthy and equal.

Therefor change and progression are always possible, affirming this in someone else even when they can’t affirm it for themselves is crucial and makes a difference.

I just want to say thank you so much for taking the time to look at me through the eyes of wholeness, and completeness and strength during our sessions together. You provided me with a strength and a love that no many have shared.”

                                                                                             V. G. 

” The light you see in me, the image I see reflected in your eyes, has been a tremendous discovery for me. You have taught me to love, understand, consider, respect, and be compassionated with myself, which I have never done before.

I realize that I have lived my life hiding behind a mask, behind an act worth an Oscar. You have broken the chains and I was able to see my naked soul through that magic mirror you place in front of me.

I was a little bird, shaking in fear, and you have returned to me the wings that were once cut. I know that I still have ways to go, but how incredible it is to see, feel and perceive the change in me. Very soon I’ll be able to fly on my own.

Thank you!”

E. S.

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