Doctor of The Soul

Nancy De Andrade, PhD is a holistic transformational coach and ordained minister with a PhD in Psychology and extensive training in integrative modalities of Energy Psychology.  Dr. Nancy completed her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, her PhD in Clinical Psychology with emphasis in Art Therapy, and training and certification in the following modalities:

-NLP    -EMDR    -DBT    -EFT    -CBT    -BSFF    -Energy Psychology    -Coaching    -Pranic Healing    -Chakra Clearing    -Seemorg Matrix    -Sand Tray    -Geriatrics    -Buddhism/Grief/Depression    -Domestic Violence    -Motivational Interviewing    -Drug and Alcohol    -Eating Disorders    -Hypnosis    -Mindfulness Meditation    -TAPAS    -Embody Bliss    -Tony Robbins coaching, UPW & DWD

Dr. Nancy teaches people like you how to truly shift your vibration to match your soul’s desire, how to find your blind spots, how to change your mentality into a more empowered view of yourself, how to love yourself and others in a more authentic way, and how to connect with your deepest wisdom and inner guidance.

Dr. Nancy has an intuitive and direct yet compassionate style of coaching that connects you deeply and powerfully to your inner guidance to help you achieve success, wellbeing, and spirituality. She mentors and successfully helps people like you shift their limiting beliefs, transform their lives, and create an authentic, more empowered self.

In addition to her spiritual coaching practice, Dr. Nancy De Andrade is the founder of La Perla de La Jolla, a community center that provides education and events for personal growth and wellbeing;  is an expert contributor to Anxiety.org;  facilitates training of energy psychology techniques for the Motivational Institute of Hypnotherapy‘s certification; provides spiritual mentorship and group facilitation for Rebecca’s House – an addiction and eating disorder recovery center; and in between volunteering her time to various local causes, she educates herself in the latest and most effective techniques to transform and improve the body, mind and spirit.

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Call (858) 459-1273 or email info@NancyDeAndrade.com

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