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Nancy De Andrade, PhD

Nancy De Andrade, PhD

Dr. Nancy is a holistic transformational coach with a PhD in Clinical Psychology and extensive training in alternative modalities of energy psychology. She is also an Adjunct Professor of Psychology, a facilitator of Energy Psychology class for MIOH, the host of of HolyStick Being Podcast, and co-host of Soul Field, a biweekly spiritual gathering. 

Dr. Nancy specializes in helping motivated individuals gain profound self-awareness and holistic wellbeing so they can achieve personal fulfillment and success in life and relationships. 

Her work is dedicated to sharing knowledge with others and bridging the gap between science and spirituality.  Her gift is in communicating intricate concepts and ideas in creative ways that helps people recognize and reconnect to their authentic nature and inner resources so they can experience inner peace.

She leads healing meditations, lectures, workshops, and classes to help people discover and cultivate deep awareness, self-confidence, self-love and connection with their inner wisdom and power.

In her individual coaching sessions, Dr. Nancy brings into action leading-edge, intuitive techniques that expand the mind and awaken to a more conscious and peaceful way of living. To listen to amazing and inspiring interviews on her podcast, listen to HolyStick Being Podcast where she shares wisdom, inspiration and connection.

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What Others Are Saying:

“Wow, those are some serious ninja powers that you threw at me. The clarity has been uplifting. I have begun to feel a glimpse of myself again, was really missing that guy. It’s like you have freed me from captivity and I am sincerely forever grateful.”“…I just broke crying, thinking how powerful your medicine is. Even through your videos, you help me shift my beliefs about myself. In the spirit of appreciation, just want to say I love you and appreciate you so much.”

“Thank you so very much!! Today was so enlightening and I feel 10x lighter! Incredible grateful for your wisdom. Can’t wait to talk again soon.”
“Thanks for helping me understand when my nervous system gets hijacked and what to do about it. Super helpful.”
“Thank you. It’s been a journey. Thanks for being there with me.”
“You have taught me to trust myself and how to heal myself and how to have faith in the process! I will love you forever and I will never forget the impact you have had on my life! I am walking my path and I believe I am making a difference by my existence here in the now. Thanking you is not enough but becoming strong and living is a testament to your gifts! Still lots of work to do, but I am ok with that.”
“It is so important to have mentors to guide you along the way. I am grateful to have found you Nancy. You have helped me shift my perspective and truly know myself. Money cannot pay what you have done for me. I cannot thank you enough. I now have a Consciousness Development Coach in my team! You have changed my life.”

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