Wellness Weekend Retreat Spring Renewal 2022 – Nancy De Andrade, PhD

Wellness Weekend Retreat Spring Renewal 2022

Who are you?

Who are you without your mask, titles, achievements, or possessions? 

Are you connected to that inner truth of who you truly are? 

Is your life aligned with your authentic self, or with the life you created but is no longer serving you? 

Are you looking for a reset, a fresh start, a reconnection with your true self?

Come join us in an intensive and transformative weekend retreat where you’ll rediscover your authentic self and renew your energy and passion toward your life’s purpose. 

Experience connection and expansion in this experiential retreat where you’ll create deep awareness while releasing emotional blockages so you can embrace a feeling of peace, gratitude and clarity. 

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Wellness Weekend Retreat

Date: Friday-Sunday April 29th-May 1st

Location: TBD

Tentative agenda:

  • Daily Morning Meditation
  • Yoga Mind Session 
  • Therapeutic Process Group facilitated by Clinical Psychologists 
  • Creative Exercise 
  • Nature walk 
  • Sound Healing 
  • Rest and recuperate 
  • Bonding activities to build community
  • Meals and juice included (this retreat focuses on a cleanse where we will eat light and healthy foods, including a full day of juice cleanse)


Diana Quach, PhD, CYT

Diana Quach, PhD is a holistic psychologist and certified yoga instructor with a private practice in San Jose, California. Dr. Quach incorporates Western and Eastern modalities in her Psychology practice to support the mind, body and spirit. Dr. Quach is the founder of Yoga Mind, a unique yogic technique that interweaves psychotherapeutic tools and yoga postures to help the body release trauma and toxicity to achieve wellness and inner peace.

Nancy De Andrade, PhD, OM

Nancy De Andrade, PhD is a Holistic Life Coach with a PhD in Psychology and extensive training in Energy Psychology methods that integrate spirituality, mindfulness, and research. Dr. De Andrade is the Founder of La Perla de La Jolla, a Holistic Wellness studio that provides educational experiences to awaken spirituality and self-awareness. She provides individual holistic life coaching, teaches Energy Psychology techniques for the Motivational Institute of Hypnotherapy, and is an adjunct professor of Psychology for National University.

Juanita Figueroa

Juanita Figueroa is a Guidance, Intuitive Coach and Spiritual Advisor providing guidance sessions from La Jolla, California. Juanita facilitates creative workshops that stimulate intuition and insight so individuals can connect to their inner guidance and create the life that is aligned with their highest truth.

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What others have said:

“…such a phenomenal experience with such incredible women! Just what my heart needed this evening.” A. E.

“I was reminded of how far I’ve come. No matter how hard I wanted to give up, I was reminded to keep going. I’m super grateful!”

“I received so much reassurance of being in the right personal path and support to keep going. Thank you for bringing together a group of amazing and loving women to allow this to manifest.”

“My overall experience was wonderful. What a great community we created this weekend! Lovely space physically and spiritually.

“Nice balance of groups and individual. Supportive, sustaining, restorative retreat in a beautiful setting. Wonderful opportunity to connect with like-minded souls to deepen self-understanding and build community”

“I felt grounded and my heart felt at home. Very unique, fun, loving group of like-minded people getting spiritual 10/10”

“Awesome to say the least. I loved every minute of it, even the pain of sitting in meditation. Just reminds me to be conscious of my body, my self. I’ve learned from the experience itself (1st retreat ever) how to share my space and sometimes show my vulnerability, my nakedness to others. On top of that, I’ve learned how to cook good food for myself and hopefully for my family would be open to trying. The final yoga session was a nice send off. I hope to reconnect and be part of future retreats.”

“How thoughtful and organized you guys are! Food was great! Very family connectedness.”

“The retreat was very refreshing and energizing. Just what I needed. Loved that we all juiced together! Safe space! Loved Juanita’s guidance! Workshops were all phenomenal!”

“I am so glad that I saved this weekend to take care of myself by getting away and disconnecting from my regular weekend activities. My mind and body needed this experience. I feel relaxed, rejuvenated and recharged to tackle anything that comes my way!”

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Limited spaces available as we are conscious of maintaining safety around Covid.

In order to adhere to the CDC safety guidelines, we request participants to provide proof of vaccination and/or a negative antigen test within one day of the event. As of now, masks will not be required indoors after February 14, 2022.  

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