Do Vision Boards Really Work? – Nancy De Andrade, PhD

Do Vision Boards Really Work?

If you think visualizing your goals is nonsense, ask olympic athletes, people recovering from debilitating injuries, business leaders, and military personnel what they think.

Research shows that the same brain patterns that get activated when doing visualization are activated when the action is occurring, and so, mental practice contributes to bringing what you envision into reality. Athletes, military and many others state that imagery helps them perform better in real life and obtain the results they visualized.

And this is where a vision board comes into the picture (pun intended).

You may be wondering, what is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a powerful tool to rehearse in your mind that which you desire for your future.

Simply described, a vision board is a large piece of cardboard where you paste selected pictures and meaningful words of the items or experiences you would like to manifest or bring into your life for the upcoming year(s).

It looks something like this:

Vision board workshop January 2020

When creating a vision board, you begin by visualizing your goals or what your life would look like if you could have it all. The instructor guides you to connect to the true intention of your desires so you can bring what is in your highest interest into reality.

Vision boards are great for envisioning and focusing on the goals that are important to you. They provide clarity of intention and mental rehearsal. You can create your own vision board or you can participate in a guided workshop to obtain the best results.

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