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Tap it away

Clearing my limiting beliefs is a task that never seems to stop. I have used various techniques to release and heal, but my favorite so far is Tapping.

Even though there are different ways of tapping, I believe Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) provides the best outcome, freeing you from strong, debilitating or negative emotions easily and effortlessly.  Dozens of books, articles and studies have been written highlighting the benefits of using this tapping technique to release trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and toxic habits and is currently being utilized with veterans with successful results.

What is tapping? You may ask.  Let me start from the beginning.

The Chinese discovered that we possess, inside our entire body system something that resembles thin wires which they call Meridians. Similar to wirings behind the walls of a house, the body contains thousands of threads creating pathways of energy.  In a house, you flick a switch and the light turns on, plug in your toaster, microwave and hair dryer at the same time and the fuses blow up. In similar manner, our internal electrical system breaks down when we experience strong emotions or have faulty belief systems.  The Chinese discovered that, by stimulating specific points in the body with light electrical currents, the flow of energy, or Chi increases, bringing homeostasis and improving health. Using small needles, they learned to trigger the flow of these energy currents and focused on developing ways to prevent dis-ease.

How does any of this relate to tapping? Tapping uses a similar approach. By creating a small vibration in specific points in the body, tapping tends to increase the movement of energy and  liberates emotional charge related to specific traumas or beliefs. The emotional charge of an event is not only stored in the mind, it is also stored in the body. When we tap on specific acupressure points, we mimic the work of a needle in our skin and we send currents of electricity to parts of the body that are holding stuck energy which keeps us sick. When we tap, we free these emotions easily and effortlessly.

I cannot say enough about this super easy technique. If you are interested in learning more about ways of tapping can help you, I encourage you to attend this free Summit. It runs twice a day for ten days and it started today! Don’t miss it. Lots of super valuable information from extremely talented people. Enjoy!

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